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MFB-Controls GmbH

MFB – this means more than 35 years of competence and flexibility in all matters relating to mechanical and electronic control systems.

Our product range begins with control cables of all varieties, often called bowden cables. Whether it is small pull cable, heavy duty push-pull cables or brake cables. MFB is always the best contact.
Of course, we also supply the associated foot pedals, hand levers and connecting components (clevises, angle joints, etc) to complete your control system.

For many years, MFB has also supplied electronic foot pedals and manual controls equipped with Hall sensors from well-known manufacturers, which can also be integrated into the Can-Bus architecture of your vehicle.
It is becoming increasingly important to supply the customer with complete systems and modules that are delivered ready for installation at the customer’s production line. MFB is also the right location for this, because our own jig and fixture design and specially equipped workstations enable us to assemble and test even the most complicated pre-assemblies. In doing so, we not only take care of the product itself, but also design sophisticated transport packaging to optimize logistics costs and handling.


MFB – this also means the best possible service to our customers. Experienced engineers will promptly assess your problems and your on-site application, work with you to find the optimal solution, and then deliver to you according to delivery schedules, Kanban, or just-in-time.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is not just a word for us, but living practice. Even at the development process, risks are identified and systematically minimised. As a result, our products are almost flawless and delivered on time to our customers despite some components having relatively long lead-times. This is regularly reflected in the supplier evaluation from our customers, in which MFB is consistently listed as an A status supplier.

Environmental Protection

In our industry, environmental protection is becoming more and more important and thus the conservation of resources as well as the ecological impact must be considered in all of our processes. MFB has made that commitment and has been an excellent “Eco-profit” company since 2014.

Most Central European construction site and agricultural machine manufacturers, as well as rail industry suppliers, rely on MFB products. And there is good reason for this, because how can you feel the quality of a machine or a vehicle better than when you operate them. For smooth and precise controls systems we are the first choice!!!

Take our word for it – we look forward to helping you!

Our Product Groups

Control Cables

Pull cables, push cables, brake cables, etc.

Throttle control

Electronic or mechanical hand or foot operations

Brake Control

Hydraulical or mechanical hand or foot operation systems

Hand Controls

Manual actuation systems for accelerating, braking, locking and unlocking, mechanical, hydraulic or electrical …

Transmission Shift Systems

Mechanical cable systems for manual transmissions from A-Z

Modules, Systems and Fabricated Assemblies

Seat or pedal brackets, steering columns, pedal modules and operating consoles, safety levers, etc.

Our Competence

… or why MFB Controls?

Perfectly equipped

Modern machinery, well trained staff – everything to be your perfect partner.


ISO 9001 certification to meet the highest quality standards!

Delivering Results

Optimized work processes, joint development with the customer – to get all solutions quickly.

High quality

Due to tight manufacturing tolerances, high quality materials and durable components!

35 years of experience

… in the development of components in the automotive, machinery and transport sectors.


… in the development of solutions, prototypes, optimization in series production.


Our customers

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