Brake Control

Whether it is a car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, bus, self-propelled construction, agricultural machinery or any other vehicle: all vehicles require some sort of brake actuation.

Here, inputs from the hand (hand brake lever) or the foot (brake pedal) are transmitted to activate the vehicles braking system.

With this, the motion is transferred preferably by a hydraulic or mechanical actuator.

Hydraulic braking systems:

Here, the fluid is pressurized via a foot pedal, which is connected to hydraulic brake cylinder, which transfers a force to activate the brake. This is preferably used as the service brake of a vehicle.

Mechanical braking systems:

Here the operators input is transmitted through a hand brake lever or a foot pedal which is transfered to the transmission axle transmitted via a mechanical connection, which again operates the brake. This is preferably used as the parking brake of a vehicle.

MFB offers tailor-made solutions for hydraulic and mechanical braking systems through intuitive design, use of materials and processes that create a product that fits the design and geometry of your operator’s cabin.

  • Handbrake
  • Foot Brake
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Maximum pull force 15000N
  • Travel from 0 to 150mm
  • Maximum cable length 10000mm
  • Inner member sizes from Ø 1mm to Ø8mm
  • Outer sheave sizes from Ø5mm to Ø16mm
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