Modules, Systems and Fabricated Assemblies

Based on more than 35 years of already offered cables, foot pedals and hand levers, our customers are increasingly in demand for assemblies and pre-assemblies related to the aforementioned components.

MFB has responded to this challenge and, for several years, has been very successful in offering complete modules to its customers’ satisfaction, which are delivered directly to the “plug and play” production lines, using specially developed transportation packaging. This frees up valuable resources for the core competencies in the machines and vehicles for the customer.

Examples of these modules are:

  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable armrests with integrated controls
  • Seat consoles already equipped with levers, armrests and electronic components
  • Steering columns, which already have e.g. equipped with pedals
  • Pedal consoles (standing) and pedal module (hanging), on which several pedals and actuators are already pre-assembled.
  • Pedal modules with pre-assembled brake cylinders and reservoirs
  • Safety levers / entry restrictor that are activated if a driver wishes to leave the cabin.
  • Special cross circuits and multi-function lever with integrated electronic components (switches, buttons, etc,)
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