Throttle control

Whether it is a car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, bus, self-propelled construction, agricultural machinery or any other vehicle: all vehicles require some kind of gas operation.

Here, inputs from the hand (control lever) or the foot (gas pedal) are transmitted to accelerate the vehicle.

With this, the motion is transferred preferably by an electronic or mechanical actuator.

Electronic System:

These are hand-operated levers or vent controls on one side and foot pedals on the other. In all these devices, movements of the hand or foot are transformed by sensors which sends a signal to the appropriate control Unit.

Mechanical system:

Here, the operators input is transmitted to hand controls lever or the foot pedal which is transferred to a linkage or a mechanical cable, which in turn operates a lever on the carburetor or injection pump.

MFB offers tailor-made solutions for electronic and mechanical gas operation through intuitive design, use of materials and processes that create a product that fits the design and geometry of your operator’s cabin.

  • Hand throttle Controls
  • Accelerator Pedals
  • Hand / Foot Pedal Combinations
  • Both Mechanical and Electronic solutions
  • Low-cost Foot pedals
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